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Date:  Jun 23, 2022

Bangalore, KA, IN, 562110

Company Name:  VFI SLK Global Services Pvt Ltd

Role Description ý Complete pre defined reports on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, Annual, and ad hoc basis and deliver them to clients based on the specific freq uency. ý This process would require an analyst to understand, run, and review a variety of financial and non financial reports based on client specific requirem ents and deadlines. ý Most of the reports would require minor updates each time they are run. ý Most reports are critical and are used by clients for internal audits, reporting to their executive Boards ý Managing the reports and getting it to the clients ensure data reports match ý Predefined parameters for the repo rt, standard and custom reports ý Once report created, running the report and de livering to the client ý Reports Delivery is time stringent ý minimal or no flex ibility for timeframes Systems: ý Strong Omni, Sponsorweb and DVW experience